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Fly fishing Jacket and Kayak for sale
I have a simms rogue hooded fleece jacket in veil camo for sale. I got it for 100 dollars and only w ...
10/2/19 at 18:41
by: 562FLY
A question on flys
To be honest I have never seen a propeller on a fly but I have seen people turn their flies into a f ...
9/2/19 at 19:37
by: 562FLY
Oops!...I Did It Again
You the man Mark.
4/2/19 at 21:13
by: 562FLY
Rain totals
I was thinking of going this Sunday. Ill let you know if I go up and give you the 411 on the area.
7/12/18 at 10:46
by: 562FLY
Pulling the Trigger
If you don't mind me asking but where did you catch the triggerfish? I know they are common going to ...
30/10/18 at 06:53
by: 562FLY
Did a little Carping today.
Good Stuff Mark. What fly did you use for that beast.
9/10/18 at 20:27
by: 562FLY
HH 9-18-2018
Good Stuff Mark
19/9/18 at 07:19
by: 562FLY
HH 9/13/18
Good Stuff Don. One of these days we'll have to fish together.
13/9/18 at 17:51
by: 562FLY
Some recent sessions in AB and Catalina
Thanks, I appreciate it. When your float tubing do you use an intermediate sink tip or 6ips Sink ti ...
12/9/18 at 10:37
by: 562FLY
Some recent sessions in AB and Catalina
Good stuff. For some reason, I haven't hooked up into a YFC yet. Do you use the same motion with the ...
12/9/18 at 06:59
by: 562FLY
Carping today
Good stuff Mark
11/9/18 at 20:02
by: 562FLY
HH boat dock fishing 9-11
Good Job, I have yet to catch a croaker. Most of the bass I caught were on olive clousers.

Good ...
11/9/18 at 11:13
by: 562FLY
Fishing Fenelon falls and Kingston Ontario
Hey, Don good to hear from you. Unfortunately, I didn't have any split shots or a sinking line to ge ...
11/9/18 at 08:43
by: 562FLY
Lake Balboa 9/10/2018
I'm part of a fly fishing group dedicated to panfish. One of the members was coming from Argentina a ...
11/9/18 at 06:50
by: 562FLY
Fishing Los Alamitos 9/9/2018
Today I headed out of the house at 5 am and was on the water float tubing by 540. I used my 7 wt wit ...
9/9/18 at 12:43
by: 562FLY
Fishing Fenelon falls and Kingston Ontario
Hey guys Ive been on the road a lot and I always make sure that I carry my fly rod. I took my 5 wt u ...
7/9/18 at 19:11
by: 562FLY
I fell in love in Minnesota
On this trip I got to fish Coon Rapids Dam, Palmer lake , Calhoun Lake and Lake Minnetonka. The peop ...
27/7/18 at 21:19
by: 562FLY
I fell in love in Minnesota
Hey guys hope all is well with everyone. I was sent to work in Minneapolis for a week and took my 8 ...
27/7/18 at 18:45
by: 562FLY
West Fork update
Mark let me know when you guys want to go back up there I'd be interested to fish it.
10/7/18 at 15:17
by: 562FLY
Belmont Shores 06/05
Good stuff, when you get stung by a ray while wearing waders do the stingers penetrate the waders.
5/6/18 at 11:28
by: 562FLY
SD Surf - 5/31
have you ever fish the beaches next to La Jolla Cove?
31/5/18 at 11:26
by: 562FLY
NPH Tues 5/22
Good stuff Don. I heard there's a spot down by Los Alamitos Bay where they fix kayaks.
24/5/18 at 07:24
by: 562FLY
Bass day/evening
That's awesome I plan to go out there at least once this summer.
17/5/18 at 08:41
by: 562FLY
Belmont Shores 5/8
That's awesome good stuff
8/5/18 at 14:26
by: 562FLY
Green River Utah
That is awesome. Ive been inside of that dam its crazy how big the trout get up there.
7/5/18 at 18:11
by: 562FLY
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