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SD BAY DAY 2019 - Saturday January 5th
10/12/18 at 20:51
by: GaryHB
NPH 09/20/18 Another nice day
I think I've caught that Spottie before. Just kidding looks like a fun day! Nice
20/9/18 at 19:55
by: GaryHB
San Diego Bay Day
Add another tube.
12/1/18 at 09:57
by: GaryHB
San Diego Bay Day
That sounds great, but my vessel will be a float tube.

22/11/17 at 13:39
by: GaryHB
NPH Sept 6
Always nice to find the larger spotities.
6/9/16 at 15:35
by: GaryHB
gray and murky dph 6/5
Looks like a fun morning.
6/6/16 at 06:41
by: GaryHB
crazy cudas, nph 4/19
Nice Calico even being slightly damaged, but hey he's a survivor. That squid fly I'll have to give ...
20/4/16 at 07:18
by: GaryHB
quick report
That Calico is really nice. I'll have to dig out some olive/white clousers and give it a try. Thanks ...
3/2/16 at 09:28
by: GaryHB
quick nph jaunt 12/20
Nice and a couple of those look chunky.

I was out Sat morning and the sunrise was much better tha ...
21/12/15 at 15:51
by: GaryHB
San Diego Bay Day VIII - FEBRUARY 6th
I will try to make it.
17/12/15 at 07:36
by: GaryHB
2015/12/12 SD
Nice flies and the net is a classic. Might have to come up with an excuse to head to SD again.
13/12/15 at 11:54
by: GaryHB
dph 12/6
Nice!! Nice size and variety.

Did you guys launch from the boat launch?

6/12/15 at 20:02
by: GaryHB
Long Beach Butt Quickie 11/22/15

I admire your persistence the previous day, but I could not have walked away after three c ...
23/11/15 at 07:43
by: GaryHB
my annoying friend nph 11/14

I went in the early morning with the incoming and only managed one. I thought of rowing to ...
15/11/15 at 08:46
by: GaryHB
fun impromptu trip, 11/8
Is Dave the one that towed you to the bait barge once? Glad you got out there and looks like a fun m ...
9/11/15 at 15:41
by: GaryHB
nph 10/27
I'm starting to think you're cheating with that two fly setup and by the time I get out there they ...
28/10/15 at 18:51
by: GaryHB
NPH 10/28 …another YT for Me!
That looks like a fun day of fishing and love those YT. I keep thinking sure hope they stick around ...
28/10/15 at 18:46
by: GaryHB
YT for Me -- NPH 10/23
Good deal!
23/10/15 at 19:35
by: GaryHB
NPH 10/20/15
Nice water color and so clear. Fun outing!

20/10/15 at 21:06
by: GaryHB
No YT for Me 10/13
[quote][i]Originally posted by tigermidge[/i]
That Gary probably lied about where he caught it. :) ...
14/10/15 at 12:19
by: GaryHB
No YT for Me 10/13
That's also typical for me that I'm a day late after some report, but that's fishing and I keep g ...
13/10/15 at 18:39
by: GaryHB
NPH 10/10
[quote][i]Originally posted by Emerger[/i]
What fly did the YT like? [/quote]

It's a clouser ty ...
11/10/15 at 22:21
by: GaryHB
NPH 10/10
Went with the incoming tide first thing in the morning. Caught lots of small sand bass and spotties ...
10/10/15 at 14:25
by: GaryHB
NPH 10/3
Andrew and Mike,

The bonito was good size and the one spottie was decent, but the rest were fairl ...
4/10/15 at 07:05
by: GaryHB
NPH 10/3
Read the amazing report from the previous day and had to try the bait barge. It was a different day ...
3/10/15 at 18:41
by: GaryHB
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