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This is all YOUR fault!
Ditto on the very nice.

You know, you could have used #18 BWO and then not needed the rehab! T ...
22/3/19 at 06:34
by: Kevin
Last Bishop Trip
Nice photos and story, Mark. Can't wait to start joining you .....
14/3/19 at 06:53
by: Kevin
A question on flys
Hey Mark,

Adam Perez ties and fishes an "under spinner" fly for Calicos at the Wall. Sort of a h ...
10/2/19 at 14:56
by: Kevin
Oops!...I Did It Again
5/2/19 at 20:17
by: Kevin
San Diego Bay Day 2019
Hey Steve,

Good summary. In addition to the folks you listed, there was my fishing partner, Mike ...
6/1/19 at 11:10
by: Kevin
HH 12-20-2018
Hey All,

I went out 12/23 with a couple of buddies to the same area. The fish were spread out, n ...
24/12/18 at 12:20
by: Kevin
Saturday Surf, 12-15-18
Went with three others to Crystal Cove this morning. The waves were too big at times, but the in-be ...
15/12/18 at 11:27
by: Kevin
SD BAY DAY 2019 - Saturday January 5th
I like the 5th, but only because I can't make the 19th. Pick a date, and I'll be there if I can. N ...
15/12/18 at 11:23
by: Kevin
SD BAY DAY 2019 - Saturday January 5th
Of course!
14/12/18 at 07:28
by: Kevin
First Cast Fish
Dang, I was afraid someone would ask about the fly. No, not a Krabby Patty. I really wished I'd pa ...
10/12/18 at 07:40
by: Kevin
First Cast Fish
There were four fly fishers this morning hitting Newport. Some of us zigged and found fish, some za ...
9/12/18 at 14:20
by: Kevin
My faith has been restored in the surf.
No perch? Well ..... still nice going, Mark. It's been years since I've caught a spot fin croaker. ...
15/11/18 at 20:15
by: Kevin
Sunday in HH
So a buddy and I went kayaking Sunday starting about 7:30 am to catch the last of the incoming tide. ...
12/11/18 at 20:32
by: Kevin
I haven't fished the surf much these last few months, and the outings have been pretty dismal with n ...
4/11/18 at 12:45
by: Kevin
Andy's First Legal Butt
Way nice!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

- Kevin
19/10/18 at 21:08
by: Kevin
HH 9-18-2018
Ah, the old 2/3rds of a fly rod technique! Very clever. I've used the 7/8ths of a fly rod method m ...
21/9/18 at 06:24
by: Kevin
HH 9/13/18
I was out a couple of weeks ago near the PCH bridge and there was a spin fisher battling a hammerhea ...
15/9/18 at 09:02
by: Kevin
AB Spotties 3rd week in August..

Nice. You are smart to fish the bays, because the surf has just been terrible - can't buy ...
23/8/18 at 17:38
by: Kevin
The wall
Bummer. I'll bet those fish were all stuffed after the swell that hit last weekend. Like me after ...
13/8/18 at 17:38
by: Kevin
SD Surf - 6/14
Great day in the surf, Richard. Congrats.
14/6/18 at 19:28
by: Kevin
SD Surf - 5/31
Anytime you avoid the skunk, especially these days, is a good day. I like to hear how the beach is f ...
1/6/18 at 06:18
by: Kevin
Catalina 5-11-2018
The red crab was the ticket for Calicos. Deep soak, strip, stip, pause, fish on. When it's good, i ...
13/5/18 at 19:07
by: Kevin
SD Surf - 5/3

Nice, good to see some action down south! And good looking crab pattern too.

- Kev ...
3/5/18 at 18:08
by: Kevin
New Zealand has trout too!
You know, people who just fly around the world acting like they are retired should ...... just keep ...
3/4/18 at 06:36
by: Kevin
SD Surf - 3-19
I recognize that water! Pacific Ocean! AmIright?

Nice report from the retired side of life, a ...
21/3/18 at 19:25
by: Kevin
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