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This is all YOUR fault!
Very nice
21/3/19 at 16:32
by: RichardCullip
Salt Creek - 3/3
Nice looking dinner guest
4/3/19 at 11:23
by: RichardCullip
HBSB surf 2-29-2019
Nice to see a few decent perch come out of the SoCal surf.
It's been awhile.
3/3/19 at 14:46
by: RichardCullip
San Diego Bay Day 2019
Sorry I missed this one
6/1/19 at 10:01
by: RichardCullip
Off and running for 2019! San Clemente, 1/2
Sweet outing. Encouraging to see some nice fish coming out of the SoCal surf at this time of the yea ...
2/1/19 at 19:40
by: RichardCullip
2018 end of the year surf fishing.
Wow. Late season beans. How cool is that. Congrats on the legal halibut. Did you invite it home for ...
31/12/18 at 15:59
by: RichardCullip
SD BAY DAY 2019 - Saturday January 5th
Can't make the 5th
17/12/18 at 06:56
by: RichardCullip
SD BAY DAY 2019 - Saturday January 5th
Would love to attend another one
10/12/18 at 16:47
by: RichardCullip
My faith has been restored in the surf.
Wow. What great variety. Nice spot fin.
15/11/18 at 14:43
by: RichardCullip
Oh my, that's a nice one.
4/11/18 at 17:16
by: RichardCullip
South San Diego Bay Explosion - 10/15
What a great day for you two. Thanks for the report.

Is your mystery fish a Specklefin Midshipman ...
25/10/18 at 12:03
by: RichardCullip
Did a little Carping today.
Looks like you did some big carping as that guy isn't so little.....
11/10/18 at 20:18
by: RichardCullip
Corbina still out there...
Sweet. A late season corbina is always nice.
26/9/18 at 20:49
by: RichardCullip
AB Spotties 3rd week in August..
[quote][i]Originally posted by Steve_P[/i]
What are you talking about? The beaches are cro ...
6/9/18 at 08:10
by: RichardCullip
I fell in love in Minnesota
Sweet. I remember fun times in Minnesota as a kid growing up in Detroit Lakes. Haven't been back as ...
27/7/18 at 20:14
by: RichardCullip
PM SD Bay report 7/23,24
Glad you found some. A pair of 15 inch spotties will put a nice bend in your fly rod for sure. Good ...
24/7/18 at 20:59
by: RichardCullip
Advice on SD bay in the afternoon/evening
Looks like there's an afternoon/evening incoming tide early next week. On an incoming tide I like to ...
22/7/18 at 14:56
by: RichardCullip
SD Surf - 7/18
Had a good morning on the beach. Went back to Del Mar as it has recently had the best structure I've ...
18/7/18 at 12:08
by: RichardCullip
HH 07-17
Nice spotties
17/7/18 at 17:30
by: RichardCullip
SD Surf - 7/12
Took advantage of this morning's incoming tide to head to Del Mar. I walked this beach last Friday w ...
12/7/18 at 13:35
by: RichardCullip
SD Surf - 7/4
Had a brief, before the crowds got too bad, session on the beach this morning. Went up to Leucadia w ...
4/7/18 at 11:05
by: RichardCullip
Newport bait barge 6/26
Sweet trifecta on the bass. Nice size on them.
26/6/18 at 20:47
by: RichardCullip
Newport Coastguard Station 06/22
Sweet. Looks you had great action.
23/6/18 at 18:37
by: RichardCullip
Mission Bay - 6/20
[quote][i]Originally posted by khanley[/i]
Rich I believe you caught one of the Salema species. ...
20/6/18 at 18:44
by: RichardCullip
Mission Bay - 6/20
Took a three hour cruise around Mission Bay by float tube this morning. It was a cool grey day as Sa ...
20/6/18 at 13:27
by: RichardCullip
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