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Hey -- it's mid-March
...and I wanna go fishing. Spring is in the air. When will these winds die?
16/3/19 at 18:34
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Long Beach Surf Butts
Great! Putting this on my to do list. Awesome pics as usual and those look decent size to me as I kn ...
19/10/18 at 09:00
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Alamitos Bay Oct 1
Thanks to my neighbor, I got my priorities fixed and went fishing today. We did the AB thing, him fr ...
1/10/18 at 16:32
by: SeapointFlyGuy
HH 9/13/18
whoa couple nice spotties there

I gotta break the spell of that boat dock with the croaker and pa ...
14/9/18 at 09:26
by: SeapointFlyGuy
HH boat dock fishing 9-11
I managed to get out this morning thanks to my neighbor who persuaded me to go fishing and then canc ...
11/9/18 at 11:03
by: SeapointFlyGuy
AB Spotties 3rd week in August..
Great. Need you there. I recently explored the Mother's Beach area and had a ferocious hookup toward ...
23/8/18 at 16:57
by: SeapointFlyGuy
HH Needlefish Cove 7/24
I decided to spend an entire fishing session in a single boat-dock cove at Huntington Harbor this mo ...
24/7/18 at 15:15
by: SeapointFlyGuy
NPH Purple Patches 7/22/18
As a paddle-yakker I have the same philosophy about respecting conditions. Setting yourself up for a ...
23/7/18 at 22:13
by: SeapointFlyGuy
O Side 7-21
Wow what a great fish! Totally awesome.
21/7/18 at 15:03
by: SeapointFlyGuy
LBC 7/20
How about a good old-fashioned LBC report? I launched my yak from the Granada parking lot a little a ...
20/7/18 at 15:12
by: SeapointFlyGuy
SD Surf - 7/18
All right! That perch ain't bad and the bean is niiiice.
18/7/18 at 13:55
by: SeapointFlyGuy
HH 07-17
Spent 4 1/2 slow hours in a very quiet Huntington harbor today. Water was very warm but usual hotspo ...
17/7/18 at 15:28
by: SeapointFlyGuy
SD Surf - 7/12
You're on the board. Nice pic.
12/7/18 at 14:27
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Thanks Don! NPH 7/12
Thank you Don, for the opportunity to try a peddle kayak. It was interesting. You certainly have a g ...
12/7/18 at 11:46
by: SeapointFlyGuy
West Fork update
All right. Dry fly fishing locally. Last time I did that up there I only caught 1 fish and got eaten ...
9/7/18 at 16:52
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Huntington Harbor 7/06
It was mostly slow in the HH today, except for one very interesting boat cove I drifted into on the ...
6/7/18 at 12:57
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Go fund me page
We need a community boat.
6/7/18 at 12:45
by: SeapointFlyGuy
You just can't reenact...
Well it SOUNDS like a flying fish but looks like something else.

I'd love to try a peddle yak! Mi ...
4/7/18 at 08:23
by: SeapointFlyGuy
You just can't reenact...
…someone else’s session. Since [i]X-flies Don’s[/i] bait barge post last week I have been pret ...
2/7/18 at 17:33
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Manhattan Beach June 30/July 1
2/7/18 at 17:31
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Newport bait barge 6/26
Wow. I mean, wow. And the size of that calico on your knees -- wow.

(whimper) --- I am pathetical ...
26/6/18 at 23:28
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Newport Coastguard Station 06/22
Yakked it up for 3.5 hours in front of the CGS this morning under cloudy/drizzly skies but with calm ...
22/6/18 at 12:30
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Mission Bay - 6/20
That would make sense. See:


Nice ...
21/6/18 at 10:00
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Huntington Harbor June 15
Used an uncomfortable 7-weight today. I, um, do not own a 7-weight. In true Larry-Curly-Moe fashion, ...
15/6/18 at 11:03
by: SeapointFlyGuy
Newport Harbor CGS 06/08
Spent 3 1/2 pleasant hours under calm conditions drifting in front of the Coast Guard Station this m ...
8/6/18 at 11:48
by: SeapointFlyGuy
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