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Spinster - story and tying instructions on danblanton.com
25/2/19 at 12:30
by: Steve_P
Underspin flies etc
Pistol Petes have been around a long time. I was surprised when a top guide on the Owens last year ...
25/2/19 at 12:25
by: Steve_P
Help needed with calico perch (Amphisticus koelzi)
Hey guys,

Here is your chance to help a biologist discover more about surf perch!
See the reques ...
23/2/19 at 07:15
by: Steve_P
San Diego Bay Day 2019
Thanks Bill. Those are some major league fish Dave!! Kim and Joe - sorry i didnt see you guys! Da ...
7/1/19 at 10:15
by: Steve_P
Great post Don. Thanks. Thanks to Dave V for keeping this going over the years. It was good seein ...
6/1/19 at 09:07
by: Steve_P
2018 end of the year surf fishing.
That's a nice outing for quality fish! Got pics of the flies? Looks like one is all olive clouser? ...
3/1/19 at 14:34
by: Steve_P
Off and running for 2019! San Clemente, 1/2
Happy New Year Kim! Fun report. What are the rubber bands on the rod handle for - I assume keeping ...
3/1/19 at 14:23
by: Steve_P
Great session and pics. What is the white "string" on the shank?
5/11/18 at 19:30
by: Steve_P
JP's plan to re-publish his articles
JP is on Facebook. He posted this about his articles on March 7 -

Attention Kindle fans..... I'm ...
8/9/18 at 07:14
by: Steve_P
I agree. JP's CFF articles were great. He decided to return to his Native American roots and moved ...
8/9/18 at 07:02
by: Steve_P
Kindle books by Jerrold Paul Shelton
I was looking for a really good book on beginning fly fishing today (anyone got a good brief one the ...
7/9/18 at 14:14
by: Steve_P
AB Spotties 3rd week in August..
What are you talking about? The beaches are crowded with corbina!

23/8/18 at 18:03
by: Steve_P
Very well done and welcome to the board! That's what I call starting out with a bang! I've forgott ...
3/7/18 at 08:45
by: Steve_P
Nice variety. Yes, that's Salema - very often mistaken for a striper...

21/6/18 at 22:16
by: Steve_P
K200 pump is $80 and outcast pump is $30. Is that about right?
25/4/18 at 06:43
by: Steve_P
Huntington Harbor 4-17-2017
Purple and pink Liberace - Liberacing the Liberace!
19/4/18 at 05:31
by: Steve_P
Gettin' hit in the crotch
Thanks for the clarification Ken. No question it is best to stand in shallower water and cast to th ...
14/4/18 at 07:37
by: Steve_P
Advice on fly leaders for the surf
I've heard of people landing many perch with a 1-2 ft leader of 20 lb. It can be as simple as you l ...
7/4/18 at 22:26
by: Steve_P
Surf ramblings
As Sir Ken Hanley points out in his surf presentations, for perch, it is ideal to have intervals of ...
6/4/18 at 00:53
by: Steve_P
SD Bay - 04/04
what? You tied on new flies? ha ha
6/4/18 at 00:21
by: Steve_P
Another useful rig is for 1 fly - 6 ft of 8-10 lb Max Ultragreen or fluoro.

And for 2 flies - 4 f ...
30/3/18 at 04:59
by: Steve_P
I love SD Bay 3-24-18
Thanks Bill. So unlike in most clousers, the bulk of the "wing" is tied on the bottom of the fly (h ...
29/3/18 at 07:20
by: Steve_P
I love SD Bay 3-24-18
Hi Bill,

Got a new pic of the Conklin fly? thanks!!
27/3/18 at 09:18
by: Steve_P
"Ticking" time bomb in San Diego
Yeah, things are looking up. I found a few dozen perch (BSP, 1 WSP) in San Diego on Wednesday befor ...
9/3/18 at 20:04
by: Steve_P
RE: central coast message boards
guys on the http://www.danblanton.com bulletin board are probably best bet for that.
7/2/18 at 16:57
by: Steve_P
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