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Last Bishop Trip
nicely done mark! looks you put that power breakfast to good use. heard the water level was high but ...
10/3/19 at 21:13
by: biter
nph 12/9
haven't fished nph in awhile so decided to give it a go today. day did not start out well with 1) a ...
9/12/18 at 18:57
by: biter
First Cast Fish
glad you zigged and got some fish -nice ones too! what was the magic fly? krabby patty?
9/12/18 at 18:31
by: biter
My faith has been restored in the surf.
wow mark!

that kind of day would restore my faith too! you definitely found a honey hole. interes ...
16/11/18 at 07:07
by: biter
NPH 11-5-2018
nice spottie. clearly a productive morning. what was the magic fly today?
5/11/18 at 20:31
by: biter
Newport Bait Barge 11/2/18
way to stick em!
5/11/18 at 20:30
by: biter
yeah! spawning perch. glad you found some. its been a long while since I've seen any of size
5/11/18 at 20:30
by: biter
Kindle books by Jerrold Paul Shelton
thanks for the info steve. i miss/enjoy reading mr shelton's cal fly fisher articles. when i started ...
8/9/18 at 06:11
by: biter
Some Recent Observations on Fly Fishing Alamitos Bay 9/6/18
nice job picking off the butts
8/9/18 at 06:06
by: biter
NPH Bass Bendo 7/8/18
nice outing brian!

so have to ask how you got the last two pics? drone?
8/7/18 at 20:32
by: biter
You just can't reenact...

congrats on two very nice newport harbor outings. I think your mystery fish is a seƱori ...
4/7/18 at 14:01
by: biter
Newport bait barge 6/26
nice outing! glad you got a lot of tugging
27/6/18 at 05:56
by: biter
Newport Harbor CGS 06/08
my very first saltwater fish was a bat ray (in the surf). i still remember being floored at how much ...
9/6/18 at 06:05
by: biter
Catalina 5-11-2018
looks like another great trip!
12/5/18 at 22:18
by: biter
SD Bay - 04/04
wow looks like an awesome outing richard! With 50 fish in a 4 hrs that is a fish every 5 minutes. yo ...
4/4/18 at 14:28
by: biter
Advice on fly leaders for the surf
some beaches fish better on a rising tide and some on a falling. only way to know is to fish.
one t ...
3/4/18 at 19:42
by: biter
Meditation Sunday

another great morning fishing with you and the guys. hope we do it again soon!
1/4/18 at 21:32
by: biter
I love SD Bay 3-24-18
nicely done bill!

looks like the new boat is giving you some good mojo! what was the hot fly?
26/3/18 at 05:36
by: biter
Saturday, 2-17-18
nice going kevin!

crystal cove has always been really hit or miss for me. some days it fishes wel ...
18/2/18 at 19:02
by: biter
SD Bay - 2/15
nice job richard! (and your partner whom i presume is dr creek). 33 fish each is an awesome day! are ...
15/2/18 at 21:02
by: biter
San Diego Bay Day

he has the scotty triple rod holder

https://www.amazon.com/Scotty-257-Triple-Holders-Bra ...
13/12/17 at 20:43
by: biter
Sunday Sunday
Always fun fishing with the gang. Bill is absolutely right -macs can be ho hum but topwater action o ...
5/12/17 at 20:51
by: biter

Holy smokes! Think you guys had one of those banner Catalina days! Not only did you get yt, ...
15/9/17 at 16:05
by: biter
DPH 8-13
always fun fishing with you bill! last half hour at the barge was a lot of fun. always good to end a ...
13/8/17 at 21:14
by: biter
pontoon boat

here's been my experience. i have three inflatable boats:

first one i got was a creek co ...
9/8/17 at 15:23
by: biter
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