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Topic Review

[*] posted on 5/7/18 at 09:09
Thanks to both of you for the info.

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 16:01
You can rent a pedal drive kayak from Southwid Kayaks, which is right under the pch bridge on Newport Bay.

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 14:01

congrats on two very nice newport harbor outings. I think your mystery fish is a señorita (also called a kelp wrasse). here's a link


also another one


latter is a good resource for fish identification

again -nice job out there. keep the reports coming!

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 11:36
I need to go on Thursday because my wife is having brunch with her lady friends. Any chance you can make it work?

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 08:23
Well it SOUNDS like a flying fish but looks like something else.

I'd love to try a peddle yak! Might really help me make a decision about upgrading.

...but even more than that I'd love to catch one of those toad calico's you keep putting on your knees. You're master now, so just let me know the date. Mondays/Tuesdays/Fridays usually best for me but I can probably make any day work.

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 07:42
Anybody know what this is? I tried to get another picture while holding it in my hand but it but it snapped out of my hand like Nemo and landed with a splash four feet away.

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 07:40
Bait barge

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 07:39
Best fish of the day. Two others like these have a fly in their lips.

[*] posted on 4/7/18 at 07:37
I almost duplicated the day on the "tomorrow". Got 27, but the size was a bit smaller. Glad to see you made it to the barge. There is an advantage with peddle kayak. The docks on the other side of the channel have been good to me lately. I drag and shake the flies as I cruise by and if I get hit I quickly turn into the channel to get the fish away from the pilings. When the fish is released I loop back around and continue my slow cruise to the barge. This method nabbed eight fish before I cut back across the channel to the barge. At the barge it was dodging the rental skiffs but still did very well. Andrew, let me know if you want to meet a morning next week. Ken will let me take his peddle Kayak for you to use while he is recovering from double knee replacement.

[*] posted on 2/7/18 at 20:46
Tomorrow is another day. It looks like you caught some fish anyway.

[*] posted on 2/7/18 at 17:33
…someone else’s session. Since X-flies Don’s bait barge post last week I have been pretty unsettled, bound and determined to go out there and more or less exactly replicate what he did. Met up with my buddy Brian this morning at the launch beach for the mission. I got there early, so drifted in front of the Coast Guard Station a few times under annoyingly windier than authorized conditions and managed three hookups before he arrived. Then we headed out on the bumpy bay to the barge.

A repeat of Don’s session it wasn’t. The barge was mostly a bust, with only two small calicos and a small cuda caught between us. So we made our way back into the CGS and caught a few small-medium spotties before finally allowing ourselves to be blown off the water. I had several serious rod-benders take me down in the grass and exchange themselves for a clump of weeds today; a trick right out of a Dr. Seuss book.

A combination of certain circumstances is something you just need to fall ass-backwards into on occasion, I guess. Keep fishing and do your own thing.


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