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The wall
tigermidge - 13/8/18 at 11:43

It was slow today not worth post fish [Censored]. 6 fish all small.
It was slow last week also.

Going to stay in the bays for a while.
Or better yet go chase some beans.


Kevin - 13/8/18 at 17:38

Bummer. I'll bet those fish were all stuffed after the swell that hit last weekend. Like me after Thanksgiving; just not all that interested in more food.

- Kevin

x-flies - 21/8/18 at 10:36

I had the same feeling in NPH last Tuesday. Got four right away at the Coast Guard Station and then four more at the bait barge. I didn't see anyone else out there catch anything.

LewRiffle - 22/8/18 at 06:14

Dan Blanton has different opinion about the Wall as of recent.
Ah fishing an rod swinging

tigermidge - 23/8/18 at 19:28

Thats fake news! Grin