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SD BAY DAY 2019 - Saturday January 5th
Dave - 10/12/18 at 16:23

It's that time of year again... any interest in another SD Bay Day?


RichardCullip - 10/12/18 at 16:47

Would love to attend another one

x-flies - 10/12/18 at 17:54

Can't wait.

GaryHB - 10/12/18 at 20:51


Streak - 12/12/18 at 21:28


FlyFavorite - 13/12/18 at 20:38

Yes please!!

Kevin - 14/12/18 at 07:28

Of course!

Dave - 14/12/18 at 09:21

Looks like we have two Saturdays in January with good tides... the 5th and the 19th. I know there is going to be a SBS spotted bay bass tournament on the 19th out of Shelter Island, but from experience I'm guessing most of the tournament anglers will be focusing on pitching and flipping docks so there shouldn't be too much additional pressure on the eel grass, flats or back bay.

Any thoughts?


Kevin - 15/12/18 at 11:23

I like the 5th, but only because I can't make the 19th. Pick a date, and I'll be there if I can. No worries.

- Kevin

x-flies - 15/12/18 at 16:12

Either day looks OK for me.

Z-Finman - 16/12/18 at 17:47

I like the 5th.

Kim Z.

Z-Finman - 16/12/18 at 17:48

I can make the 5th!

Kim Z.

JoeA - 16/12/18 at 23:58

Either date works for me...

RichardCullip - 17/12/18 at 06:56

Can't make the 5th

Dave - 17/12/18 at 08:03

Let's plan on Saturday January 5th because when it comes to fishing sooner is always better than later. As in years past... fish in the morning then meet up at The Gloretta Park around 1pm for lunch. The tide should be about done by then so that'll make for a good time to take a break. Depending on the conditions some of us may choose to head back out after lunch.

Richard, if your schedule changes you'll know where to find us.


swalshhm - 17/12/18 at 16:05

i'm in

bhappy - 19/12/18 at 21:09

I am in!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

B Happy

x-flies - 3/1/19 at 19:40

My friend, Kenny is also joining us.

Streak - 3/1/19 at 22:48

Daughter going back to college. Wife's birthday, I guess I'm going to have to miss this one (fishing not the birthday!!). Rain expected Saturday so be prepared.

corvina - 4/1/19 at 15:48

Alas I will miss this one as the might rugby beast has raised it's head again for the 2019 season so Saturdays are pretty much out for fishing till mid August. Hope everybody has a blast and I am looking forward to the posts and pics.....