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2018 end of the year surf fishing.
tigermidge - 31/12/18 at 14:23

Some guys fly fish the last day of the year to make sure they get there moneys worth out of their fishing licenses.
I have been invited along and this year turned out to be my best surf fishing outing of the year.
I start in the washing machine for the first 1/2 hour with 1 perch.
So I headed to a rock outcropping to see if it was any better over there.
And here is the first fish.
About 10 min. later I caught my personal best Halibut at 28 inches. I thought is was little bigger and then re-taped my fly rod with the photo. Nearest I can figure 28.
And a 21 inch Bean to finish out the hole.
The it went cold, so after another 1/2 hour there it was time to move on.
Last fish of the morning.

Time to go have some breakfast, and listen to the other guys make fun of me for the big fish of the day.

Mark F.

RichardCullip - 31/12/18 at 15:59

Wow. Late season beans. How cool is that. Congrats on the legal halibut. Did you invite it home for dinner?

tigermidge - 1/1/19 at 10:26

Thanks Richard!
I Let all my fish go. And a few of the guy let me know we should have been eating halibut Tacos.


Steve_P - 3/1/19 at 14:34

That's a nice outing for quality fish! Got pics of the flies? Looks like one is all olive clouser?


tigermidge - 6/1/19 at 17:04

Hi Steve,
Thats it olive closer and red legged Krabbie Pattie.