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San Diego Bay Day 2019
x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:02

Wow, That was fun. I counted 17 participants. Thanks very much to Dave for organizing this. It was a cool cloudy day. Water temp - 56 degrees. The fishing was great, I got 35, my best day ever in the kayak. I tried several of my fly patterns that I modified and to my amazement most of them seemed to work much better than my regular patterns. More testing is needed to prove it. All my fish were caught in front of the navy docks. I tried other spots to no avail. The fish in the early morning were much larger than the fish in the late morning. I tried to get pictures of everyone that stayed for lunch. I will post people pictures after a bunch of fish pictures.
First fish was a beauty.

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:17

Second fish almost as big

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:20


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:21

Another with flared out fins

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:22

holding it awkwardly after getting stabbed with spines

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:23

modified crazydad

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:24

They were smaller in the late morning

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:25


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:26


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:26

pancake halibut

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:27

finally - pictures of people

x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:29


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:29


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:30


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:31


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:32


x-flies - 5/1/19 at 21:35

Alex Cady on the right. A professional guide from the Fly Stop near Mira Mar. If you want a guide for Mission Bay fly fishing contact him.

Dave - 6/1/19 at 08:21

Hi Don,

Yeah, another fun day on the bay for sure. I think we may have had a few more Fliflickers who fished, but didn't make it to the lunch meet-up. Great to see everyone and it sounds like everyone did well. I think Garrett T and I boated 8 different species.

Thanks to everyone who made it out!

Dave V

Steve_P - 6/1/19 at 09:07

Great post Don. Thanks. Thanks to Dave V for keeping this going over the years. It was good seeing lots of new and old faces.

Just to keep my geek image alive (and because part of the original purpose of SD Bay Day was to put names to faces), here is the list of guys I see in the photos with names and screen names - I've met many of you one to many times before at SD Bay Day but I didn't do my usual ritual of going around introducing myself and having you refresh my memory so I am sorry that I need help filling in the blanks:

1. Dave Valadez/Dave
2. Don/x-flies (no face, just hands and legs - ha ha)
3. Steve Piper/Steve_P
4. Stephanie Piper Williams
5. Walt/ fishwalt?
6. Bill Happy/Bhappy
7. Kevin Green/Kevin
8. Garrett Tracanna
9. Dustin Sergent - guide for Latitude 33, The Fly Stop
10. Alex Cady - manager and guide, The Fly Stop

Edit - info from Kevin:
11. Mike Martin
12. Ari

Edit - info from Bill Happy - more of FlyFishing Lunatics of Greater Orange County (FLOGGOC)

13. Stephen Walsh/Swalshhm
14. Rob Blacker/(not sure FF name)

Edit - no photos for these:
15. Kim Zetterberg/Z-finman
16. Joe Austin/Joe A.

Golden State Flycasters of San Diego and friends - no photos:
17. Dave Smith
18. Lesley Fulton Smith
19. Jalen Whitt
20. Payne?

Chuck Waterman, Kim Jones, and a couple of other San Diegans sounded like they were going to show - and maybe some fished but didn't attend the BBQ...

Bill mentioned Don and Ken fished with Dave early in the AM? Was this the OP Don. Which Ken?

Thanks again Dave,

RichardCullip - 6/1/19 at 10:01

Sorry I missed this one

Kevin - 6/1/19 at 11:10

Hey Steve,

Good summary. In addition to the folks you listed, there was my fishing partner, Mike Martin, and a new fly fisher, Ari, who was there to soak up the vibe and some fishing tips.

I fished mostly in front of the navy property, and it was good enough for a number of doubles! Good to see everyone and re-connect.

Keep fishing - Kevin

Z-Finman - 6/1/19 at 13:52

Well, as they say, the road to Rome is paved with good intentions! The plan was for four of us to take advantage of Saturday’s big tides and forecasted southerly breezes to fish the south end of the San Diego Bay, before joining the rest of our Fliflickers at Glorietta Park for lunch. Unfortunately, it was just not meant to be, as a red hot bite, late-ebbing tide, and building wind determined the outcome of the day. Two of us didn’t even make it down for our pre-dawn Caribe Cay launch, victims of the cold and flu season!

The last of the flood tide had plenty of fish on the chew, and as long as you found structure and current, you were in business.

Z-Finman - 6/1/19 at 13:53

Joe Austin made it across to the Sweetwater Refuge just before the tide went slack,

Z-Finman - 6/1/19 at 14:06

but missed most of the early action. That all got better around 11am after more than an hour of fishless “hunting,” as all the water pushing into the bay finally reversed direction, and began its march back to the sea. Joe elected to go deep with a T-14 shooting head to “double up” in 12-24’ of water, while crashing the “feeding party” in 5-15’ depths along the edges of the main channel with a ghost shrimp/surfworm dropper combination on an intermediate head was most productive for me. The stretch between the green #3 and #5 channel markers was especially good to us!

For the better part of an hour and a half it was “double trouble” for the “Back Bay Boys,” and though we noted that the appointed departure time was near as Dave V. and Garrett waved to us as they motored by, we were totally addicted to and mesmerized by “the tug!” Somebody was nice enough to put a great piece of structure on the flat to attract the fish, and there were more than a few of them hanging out in the shadows beneath the hull.

Z-Finman - 6/1/19 at 14:11

By the time I next looked at my watch, it was 12:45pm - we’d have had to really put “the pedal to the metal” to make the party even by 1:30pm at that point. Unfortunately, a building southerly (headwind) breeze of 8-10 knots had other ideas, and bucking the combination of wind and late outgoing current back to our launch point doomed any hope of seeing everyone. Only a brief cameo appearance in the end for me with the seven remaining, hard-core Fliflickers, while Joe didn’t make it there in time at all before raindrops broke up the remainder of the gathering. Next year! :)

Kim Z.

Dave - 6/1/19 at 15:19

Dave - 6/1/19 at 15:19

Dave - 6/1/19 at 15:21

Dave - 6/1/19 at 15:57

bhappy - 6/1/19 at 19:01

Once again thanks for organizing!! Alway great to fish and then meet with everyone to share, I always come away with new info and ideas.....which is the general idea.

Don and Ken enjoyed the early hours with you on the water!

To add to Steve P’s list we also had more representation from FLOGGOC (FlyFishing Lunatics of Greater Orange County...more of a gang than a club)
Stephen aka Swalshhm as pictured
As well as Rob Blacker (not sure FF name)

Steve_P - 7/1/19 at 10:15

Thanks Bill. Those are some major league fish Dave!! Kim and Joe - sorry i didnt see you guys! Dave and Lesley Smith, Jalen Whitt and Payne also were out there fishing “with” us!

Dave - 7/1/19 at 12:17

Thanks Steve. You know that’s how I roll :)

Dave V

tigermidge - 7/1/19 at 13:56

Nice photos guys!

Mark F.

MWM - 13/1/19 at 19:49

Looks like a good day was had. Sorry I couldn't make it, but will try for next year. Mike